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Providing Academic Excellence Since 1970

Welcome!  It was 50 years ago, that my mom Joan, discovered a beautiful 26-acre shaded property, filled with strawberry patches, and opened Yellow Duck Nursery. I grew up with 5 brothers and sisters, just off the quiet country road, Pinebrook Road. Our family was immersed in education, with my mom at the forefront opening the very first preschool. She led the way with her progressive philosophies. At a time when many high school graduates started working, we all went to college, followed by graduate school. I was in the first graduating class, along with Yellow Duck Preparatory School Director, Robin Slad, seen here in 1971 with Joan at graduation and Robin’s mom beside them. In 1987, my sister, Beth joined our mom, and together they continued writing a curriculum rich in academics and creativity. Beth’s daughter, Katie pictured here walking hand-in-hand at graduation with Grandma Joan and Beth was the first grandchild to graduate Yellow Duck. This fall the first great-grandchild will be a student as the 3rd generation begins. 

new 3 generations.jpg
new Joan 1.jpg

Founder Joan Klein, congratulates

4 year old Robin (Bogus) Slad in

Yellow Duck's 1st graduating class



We have always been a family school. Robin met her husband, Ira, at Yellow Duck when one of her student’s parents introduced them. My son, Luke and Robin’s son, Alex graduated from Yellow Duck together in 2000, with our other children to follow. The children of alumni continue to fill the classrooms to start their exciting journey to lifelong learning. Every family you meet in Monmouth County knows someone who graduated from Yellow Duck.

1995 - Directors Joan & Beth with

daughter, Katie. Joan's 1st

grandchild to graduate Yellow Duck

The STEAM PROGRAM is implemented in all our classes, and includes a science lab for our kindergartners. Design thinking and creativity are essential ingredients for innovation. Long before STEAM became a household name in education, my daughter, Ellie was a preschooler at Yellow Duck. We nurtured her curiosity to build things and explore how they worked, along with her creative artistic side, through hands-on art projects. Today, she is a junior at Yale University majoring in biomedical engineering. Education at every age should be fun and meaningful. STEAM combined with reading, writing, language arts, and social studies is why Yellow Duck Preparatory continues to be the leading academic school for 50 years. We applaud curiosity in our students and instill a love of life-long learning.

The joy of learning and the desire for knowledge begins in preschool. We have created an extraordinary, age specific curriculum beginning at 2 years old and continuing through our full day Kindergarten classes.


My mom retired six years ago at 80 years old, happy to see all her wonderful traditions being passed on to the next generation of smart, talented Yellow Duck students. Call us for a personal tour. We cannot wait to meet you and our future graduates!


Katrina and Chris Gabriel

Family Directors, Yellow Duck Prep & Country Roads Day Camp


Robin Slad

School Director

Yellow Duck Preparatory, class of 1970



Robin Slad 50 years later,

leading Graduation

as Director of Yellow Duck 

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