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  Come see our nurturing, vibrant and spacious classrooms. Meet with Director, Robin Slad

to review your child’s curriculum in detail. 

Call today to arrange for a personal tour. 

  • Preschoolers process information best by doing. Our students explore,  touch, feel and manipulate objects. Having direct involvement stores the learned information in their “physical” memory. Examples include: Building life-size dinosaur floor puzzles, role-playing how animals hibernate in caves, making predictions about eggs hatching into baby chicks in the incubator and even getting to hold them, and learning about the life cycle from caterpillar to butterflies and releasing them into nature.​


  • Concepts are taught using rhymes and repetition to help store in their memory, which are the building blocks to the next level of learning.


  • Children learn more and remember more if they can relate it back to themselves. For example, when planting a flower in a plastic cup the students learn about condensation on the cup when they add water. Then they relate it back to examples in their own lives. Where else do they see condensation? ....On the mirror in their bathroom when they take a bath, or on their windows in their house on a cold and sunny winter day.

  • Teacher-guided centers combined with independent centers encourages initiative, independence and self-confidence for young learners. 


  • We incorporate real life events, such as elections. The children wait in line to go into a voting booth. Students cast their votes using a paper ballot on topics such as their favorite color. Our 4 and 5-year-olds also give speeches at the podium. 


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